How L-Earned Works

Join & Pledge, Kids Learn, Kids Earn

Join & Pledge: As an adult sponsor, you will be asked to pledge an amount for each L-Earned lesson. There are typically multiple lessons within each course. Once kids complete the Core Courses (Economics and Finance) they are encouraged to take additional educational and life-skill courses.  You can decide on a pledge amount for each lesson and your learner can view their earnings after completing lessons. You can also decide not to pledge an amount and simply ask your learner to take the course without an incentive.

Adult funders receive notice on the first of each month summarizing lessons and/or courses completed so they can fulfill their pledges.

Kids Learn: Core courses are built to teach kids the fundamentals of economics and finance. Additional learning experiences are available around a variety of academic and life skills to teach kids the tools they need to become independent high-functioning adults.

Kids Earn: Once the courses are completed and the pledge is fulfilled, kids can use the tools they’ve learned to make sound financial decisions and choose to spend, save, give or invest.